Participants acquired the following skills:

  • Regarding the hard skills acquisition, specific competencies, skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to perform the different tasks. They became subject matter expertise working on local Female artist (Luciana Galli, Daniela Corbascio, Claudia Gianulli, Marian Bagliato, Teresa Imbriani, and Gianna Maggiulli) and European female artist (Barbara Hepworth, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Rebecca Horn, Sue Williams) They also acquired several technical skills as clay modelling, installation and performance, collage and mix media and drawing abstraction.
  • Concerning the soft (interpersonal) skills, participants experienced new life situations to which they have to adapt. They improved their communication skills (in a foreign language) as they accomplished teamwork tasks in a collaboration atmosphere. They had to adapt to unforeseen situations, solving problems and opening their minds to different contexts. All activities had a main objective which was to develop in participants a critical thinking toward the women’s role in Europe art history, and so they were able to think and discuss on this topic. Taking into account the age of the participants the step taken in these skills was huge.

4.1 CITY COUNCIL VISIT The project students were received and congratulated by our work. Encouraging us to participate in European Projects and emphasizing the importance of the Erasmus+ projects in our future generation.

4.2 WORK PRESENTATIONS Students presented to the rest of the students their works. Introducing them to the artist and transmitting their experience. 

4.3 PROJECT ARTWORKS EXHIBITION IN BARI Students from the four countries exhibited their works at the Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali – Polignano. The artists we worked on for this occasion were Barbara Hepworth, Sophie Taubert, Sue Williams, and Rebecca Horn.

4.4 MAPPING OF THE ARTISTS ON THE TERRITORY THE ARTISTS ATELIERS. Students visited different artists ateliers and met the artist in person, mapping of active women artists in the territory who have carried out a work of artistic research and participated in exhibitions and competitions at national and international level. Luciana Galli, Daniela Corbascio, Claudia Gianulli, Marian Bagliato, Teresa Imbriani, and Gianna Maggiulli. After the visit to the artist’s studios, there will be a creation by students.  Students took photographs during the visits to the artists’ ateliers that will be part of a catalog that will be created with the texts written by the students about the artists’ works.

4.5 FEMALE ARTIST PROMOTION ACTION Pupils undertook a promotion action of their female artists, with the help of the teachers they performed a silent demonstration appealing to the public and their unknowledge about women artists. The action was disseminated through social media.

4.6 PROJECT PLANNING MEETING Teachers meetings; reviewing the next steps on the project and the scheduled task and dissemination actions. The setting of the dates for the next mobility in Valencia.

4.7 BACK TO THEIR COUNTRIES Students experimented with photography basing their experience in the knowledge transmitted by Photography University Professor, Luciana Galli and used the art of Rebecca Horn to launch a social media campaign during the Covid lockdown.